Mobile App Daily Reviews the SHOCK App

SHOCK: Women’s Fitness App was recently featured and reviewed by Mobile App Daily. You can read the full review article here.

“The SHOCK: Women’s Fitness app is an excellent pick for women who want to get fit and take on workout challenges at their choice of location, and it can also be used as a personal workout trainer. From offering a customized workout regime to keeping track of weekly workout activities, this fitness app does it all. Using the SHOCK Training system, ladies can be empowered, feel unstoppable, and conquer their fitness goals. But would you consider this an excellent pick just because of the workout challenges? To us, there are many apps available on the app stores that have workout challenges – but SHOCK has workout challenges that progress beginners and also push advanced fitness levels that to me is why we would recommend SHOCK. So many apps have workout challenges, still, none of them are as specific as the SHOCK fitness app, in turn, which actually trains the user and propel the fitness level.”

Mobile App Daily
SHOCK gives women a new way to get fit, tone up, and build muscle. Enjoy workouts at home or in the gym to help you feel strong and confident. Push it to the limit, crush your fitness goals, and feel unstoppable! Join now for 7 days of fitness training for free!
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